Wild Figheldean Project – Background Information

At the Parish Council meeting on the 6th April, Cllr. Darrell Amison introduced Matthew Irvine, the Senior Project Officer Avon and Stour of the Wessex Rivers Trust who provided an update on a project to improve the flow of the Avon in the vicinity of the Mill Pool. The slides used by Mr Irvine are available here: Figheldean weir and habitat improvements Matt Irvine Presentation

During the question and answer session the following points were noted:

1. The need to be careful about making the river bank in the vicinity of the current weir so appealing that it encourages too many visitors with the associated risk of anti-social behaviour. This matter will be discussed with the Wessex Rivers Trust.

2. The need to consider disabled access to the site adjacent to the current footbridge over the Avon. The Parish Council will work with the Wessex Rivers Trust and Wilts Council to ensure statutory compliance.

3. The need to confirm whether fishing will still be allowed in the area of the Avon adjacent to the old mill.

4. The Wessex Rivers Trust will work with Mr Burgess (local farmer) to address his concerns over water flow through a channel that runs through his field.

5. Approximately three quarters of those present at the meeting voted in favour of the project.

The project will hopefully receive funding approval later this year after which the project will be completed in late 2023.

Further updates will follow as and when information becomes available.

Questions may be sent to Sandra Burch, the Parish Clerk, via parishclerk@figheldean.org